Rider Alerts

System Wide • 06/23/18
Danbury Street Festival Detours

Main St. between White and West will be closed between 9am and 6pm for the Danbury arts and artisans street festival.

Daytime service is impacted all day.


2 Route: IB unaffected. OB Detour New-West-Main


5 Route: OB unaffected. IB Detour Main-Liberty-Patriot-White-Lee Hartell-Crosby-Kennedy


6 Route: OB unaffected. IB Detour Deer Hill-New-Elm-Main-Kennedy


First trip on LOOPS also impacted


Danbury Hospital LOOP: IB detour West-New-Elm-Main-Kennedy. OB unchanged.


Newton Rd. SS LOOP: OB detour Kennedy-New-West. IB unchanged


IB = Inbound service to Pulse Point

OB = Outbound service from Pulse Point

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